When I was pregnant people used to say I was very mean but really they were just super rude , somehow they seemed to think because I had a big belly it was their right to dish out advice and the big one to touch my belly which I found completely annoying. So as a nice girl I would say If you touch my belly again I will grab your boobs and that will keep them off or at least they will ask before they touch me.

So Inside mummies I completely understand what you are going through. There will be times I will feel so sick and fed up and some mean insensitive human being will say well you are not the only woman to have ever been pregnant and I would think how mean can you be. People seem to think that because women have been having babies for centuries that somehow makes your own experience less important and that fact that you just pee’d and vomited on yourself at the same time (this happened to me in a restaurant , I felt like dying) doesn’t matter and I found that its women that have never had babies that judge the most. So I would say to them the next time you have a baby you can come and give me advice. Mean, I know but some people have to be put in their place.

How did you cope with meddling people when you were pregnant? What was the weirdest thing that was said to you? Please let me know.


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