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Its been nearly a month since I have put up a post, I have been soooo busy. Kunmi is 17 months now and he is A HANDFUL , he is like a mini baby agbero its so sad , I am actually considering buying a little ruler for smacking his bum bum.

I have also been holding off on ftmbaby fav’s till Kunmi turns 18 months to do an early toddle ftmbaby favs so expect to learn all our fav’s next month.

I was inspired to write this post by a lady I met in church who asked me when and why Kunmi was using a sippy cup/beaker for his milk and I realized most first time mums probably do not know when and why you do this.  Before I give you my gist, I must say I am no professional and most of the parenting I do is really pay as you go or maybe mummy as you feel will be more appropriate.

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Now Kunmi has been using his sippy cup since he was 6 months for things like water and juice and he would just normally have milk in his bottle. He loved his sippy cup so much because it made him feel like he had some control and he generally just felt like a big boy with it and that made me very happy until I noticed  he had a different relationship with the feeding bottle and when he had it he  was just always lazy, he would never want to hold his bottle himself and he always sucked even when there was nothing left in the bottle just because he liked the sucking. So as a bad sharp super mummy I knew it was time to break the relationship before it became more than I could handle, he was about 12 months at this time.

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I already had several sippy cups but I also got some nuby cups to review from topbabiesng.com and I really liked them and they were also affordable and they could take up to 10 o.z, so i started with new cups so he felt they were special which always works all the time. Babies always pay attention to something that is new.

Please make sure the sippy cup you pick is age appropriate and it can actually take the proper amount of milk for your baby. We don’t want baby to cry because he/she is still hungry.

It took him 3 days to get used to the idea of drinking milk from the sippy cup but it was very easy for me to wean him from the bottle and for that I am truly grateful to the kid. You on the other hand might not be so lucky, just remember that every child is different.  Do not be scared, babies can smell fear , at least that’s what they say in the movies lol. The transition is very easy, all I did was to reduce the amount of meals he had with his bottle. So if your baby has 3 bottles every day, you will give him/her 2 bottles of milk and one sippy cup and increase at your own pace till they are bottle free.

All in all I would say make it fun, you can give the sippy cup a name and always tell your baby they have done a good job once they have finished a meal in their sippy cup.

If you have an questions or you have a weaning tip or story of your own please email me temilola@ftmbaby.com

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