KUNMI IS WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My baby is 10 months and he is a walker mama’s ( insert all waking dead jokes here) and guess what? I have a video of his first walk! I have become that annoying mum that shows everyone that cares or doesn’t care Kunmi’s walking video. He is officially a walkaholic! and he is a super cute walker , did I cry? who wouldn’t. I am actually scared of how emotionally attached I am to my Kunms, I feel like when he is married I will be stalking him and begging him to tell me he loves me more than his wife lol.

Oh and he is also very into clapping and dancing, he will even dance to bla bla black sheep, I hate to sound old school but he CANNOT be a dancer oh, how much do they make?

On the down side his teeth are coming out fine but he has cross bite so he might need braces but it’s all good his dad is a dentist so he will be fine.

We are so excited for christmas and Kunmi loves the christmas tree but he doesn’t go near it at all which surprises me. I have bought him about 4 presents which is so daft seeing as his birthday is in January. You only have one first christmas so its allowed.

This month our FTMbaby Fav is WALKING! Here is Kunmi’s First Walk Video.

[tentblogger-youtube 6Z1Zr1kvpOo]



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