Kunmi is now 13 months! This month has been filled with a lot of hilarious activities , I didn’t realise how funny the little boy is until now. He fancies himself as an adult and when I scold him he shouts back at me. The first time it happened I couldn’t stop laughing the boy was confused. Oh and the way he eats is something I cannot understand, I will put up a video of him eating so you will understand what I mean.

This month I discovered this fantastic website , http://www.topbabiesng.com I was soooo tripped when  I found it because it has everything that I need and love. Let just say it has nearly everything that I have featured on my FTMbaby Fav’s in previous months. The items are also very affordable and they deliver them right to your doorstep someone say heaven. So I spoke to them and got them to sponsor this month’s FTMbaby Fav’s! So you guys get a discount code to use on the website!


They also have my fav’s for this month all on their website, Here they are

Cot Bed Insect Net : Nigeria will never be Nigeria without mosquitoes but the mosquitoes in my house do not leave its like insecticide is deodorant for them. Its ridiculous. It also seems they have just discovered Kunmi’s baby sweet blood. So I have to protect my son. So I got this cot net and its done wonders for baby Kunms. Thank Jehovah!

picture backup


Nuby Bath Time Squirters: As babies get older they need more entertainment , Kunmi who used to love bath time now wants to display some Jackie Chan moves in the bath so that he gets the water to splash and we cannot allow that to happen so  I got the Nuby bath squirters as a way to keep him entertained while he is having his bath and he loves them. He keeps on trying to put water in them so he can squirt the water in his face. Its also useful after his bath as well.

Tommie Tippee Grooming set: I have this set since day one and it has been so good to me , I recommend this for everyone that is about to have a baby or If you have a new baby its has everything you will need from scissors to themometer.

Nuby Icy bites teether: This has been my Fav before but its making a comeback because Kunmi has rekindled his relationship with it, I would recommend it for all the teething babies.

That’s it for my fav’s this month, make sure you check out http://www.topbabiesng.com the FTMbaby discount code is FTM022014 to be entered at  checkout for orders N10,000 and above valid from 22/02/2014 – 21/03/2014 . Don’t forget you can email me if you would like to talk about anything Temilola@ftmbaby.com

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