I can’t believe that Kunmi Kums is going to be one next week, it is a crazy feeling, these little ones grow really fast. It has been a wonderful experience but all that mushy stuff will come much later. The past month has been crazy , Kunmi’s vocabulary is something else he can say Bye bye, Hi, Yes, No and Mama! its so cute. He can also come down from the bed and climb the stairs as well, its scary how fast he is growing.

He also loves carrying things and he has found love with one orange bucket in the house and he won’t put it down trust me I have begged him, I am beginning to think he is training for some secret mission.

This month Kunmi fell stupidly in love with Okro and Eba. It is sooooo strange but he gobbles it up and God forbid you waste more than one second in between spoons, you will get an earful of screams and maybe a pinch or two no jokes.

Mr Kunms believes that big boys use forks and spoons which is true so if he sees you with one he will scream at you until you hand it over and then begin to help himself to food on your plate, then he tries to feed himself. It is a sight to behold. So when I brought out his Munchkin Elmo cutlery set he went mad with joy like finally this is something my size lol


Parenting has been a tough journey but I can tell you the best thing I have ever bought is the Vtech Baby Laptop I got Kunmi for christmas. The laptop plays peek a boo so he loves to shut and open it just for that reason , it has a handle so he can carry it which is perfect because he is into carrying right now and it also sings, it is perfect!

Christmas hampers always have peperempe in them and Kunmi loved unloading them so he got a hold of some potato crisps and my mum gave him some and he destroyed it , complete chow down. I guess he kept an eye out for it because I bought some to give out on his birthday, I left the box in his room and I just saw him randomly chowing down on them I still don’t know how he opened it.

Let me know what your kids are into this month, you can always email me Temilola@ftmbaby.com


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  1. Murewa
    January 19, 2014 at 10:44 pm (7 years ago)

    Happy Birthday in advance to Kunmi Kums


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