Parenting can be a tricky thing especially for young mums like myself, you want to strike a perfect balance between being a cool mum and a no nonsense mum. You are also very aware of how much you don’t want to be like your parents because their methods were messed up and sometimes extreme, I mean we all know some of our parents were gangster with their punishments and beating. There were times when I was younger I was convinced I was adopted.

So I decided before I resort to the rod, I should try another way of discipline. So I started Negotiating and it really isn’t the worst thing to do. In my experience it helps children reason and analyse every situation they are in and pick out the things that work to their advantage. If that isn’t growing up smart I don’t know what is.

Here is how it works

.1. Replacement: It is sometimes reflex to shout or smack your child once they are holding something or doing something you don’t like. Instead of shouting and ending up being a grumpy mummy, all you need to do is “REPLACE”. So you can suggest another activity or replace what they are eating/playing with, with something more acceptable.

.2. Work Work Work: Trust me giving a 3/4 year old chores is not child abuse lol , if they go in to a store and are acting crazy because they want to buy something you are not willing to buy. You can negotiate let them know if they do whatever task you want them to you will pay them and they ca save up till they have enough to buy that toy they want. It will get them to stop crying and it teaches them how to save.
.3. Story Telling: I know some mums are reading and saying but this is not american film which one is story telling lol but reinforcing good values through stories works like magic. The fear of not getting presents from Santa at Christmas is the beginning of Good behaviour.

How do you negotiate with your child? Let me know in the comment box below


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