Hey guys! 

I want to share a little note I wrote for Kunmi before he was born , it was super emosh at the time I wrote it and I was bawling like my baby does when he is desperate for boob juice lol.

If you are expecting, please take the time out to write a note for your LO before he/she is born , its a good way to write down your feelings toward your baby. Plus it makes for a very special birthday surprise probably 10 years from now. 

Here is mine, very simple and short and some ultrasound pictures of my son.

After 9 months and a bit of crying , puking , piling on pounds with miraculous mounds appearing and disappearing round my belly. 

9 months and a bit of my innie becoming an outie , my walk turning into a waddle , constant farting and let’s not forget the spitting. 

My LO who was just an unknown bump will be brought to life. 

You are my one and only love can’t wait for you to wrap your fingers round my thumb and hold me tight. 

I hope you have my smile and a dimple above your chin like your dad. I love you so much and I haven’t met you. 

Here’s to the next 24 hrs of intense pain it will all be worth it when I get to see ur lil face my LO.


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