Now that the eagle has landed, the baby has been born and you are sort of getting back to normal, your husband has forgotten about the price of the hospital bill and he has started scoping you, looking for how and when he can dive into the ocean. He is wondering how he can make use of your boobs that are now fuller but he is also considering if he can even touch them because he doesn’t want boob juice in his mouth.

While all this is happening in his head you are singing  things are not the same as before levels don change now …. and thinking your Vagina must now be as wide as 3rd mainland after that baby’s head just came out of it. Well I can tell you it probably isn’t and you should not worry about things like that.

The Dr’s will tell you (or at least my Dr told me) not to have sex until after my 6 week appointment and I was totally fine with that. I actually thought it was funny because I knew I will not have anytime for skelewu’ing but I was wrong.

You see my husband loves to dance skelewu A LOT (wink wink) more than I do, I believe sex is like Icecream, you want it sometimes but not all the time because there are people dying in Africa and you really can’t concern yourself with sex all the time (I know a lot of guys are judging me now) but that is just how I feel.

So instead of waiting the whole 6 weeks , my husband (not me) decided to have sex anyway and I remember thinking I was going to die of guilt because of that. It was a little painful because of the stitches but everything else was normal and even better than before I had the baby actually. If you are going to be disobedient which I don’t think you should be please wait till all the bleeding is out of the way which is about 3 weeks or so.

So I would say don’t be scared ,if anything thing might actually get better, you might say bye-bye to your Libido like me but eventually everything will balance out, make sure you also get your hubby to read up on things like this so he knows whats going on with you if you don’t feel up to it.

Let me know how you handled sex after baby, how soon did you get back on the field?

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  1. Doll
    September 17, 2014 at 4:54 pm (6 years ago)

    Hey temi,

    As a ftm mom too. Iv been stalking your blog for a long time.

    My daughter is almost 5 months old.

    I remember you said kunmi started sleeping through the night fairly early. I’d like to know if you put him on any kind of routine or if you sleep trained.

    Mine wakes up every 1-3 hrs depending and it’s getting exhausting. She hates formula though, so I wonder if hunger has anything to do with it. I tried weaning (introduced rice cereal and applesauce) at 4 months but she started loosing weight so I stopped.

    Did kunmiuse the dummy? Does he have to be rocked or nurse to sleep or he sleeps on his own?

    In answer to your post I did the do after 7 wks. It felt wierd initially but I’m back on the grind fully winks

    • admin
      September 20, 2014 at 7:04 am (6 years ago)

      Hi Doll, I am going to send you a proper email


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