mumkI am extremely depressed , I am not even trying to be funny. Mummies how do we teach our babies to be loyal? because Kunmi is not getting it right now. I mean I carried him in my belly welly , I put on weight for him , I lost my shape for him , I used my womb for him and he has betrayed me. Here is what happened , we were all chilling , Kunmi , Timi (who by the way is the biggest traitor in the world) and I . So Timi leaves the room to get something and Kunmi starts crying, I was SHOCKED! When I say I was shocked I really mean I wanted to burst out in tears and tear my hair , I felt like some boy just broke up with me , I felt real pain.

I know your are thinking I am supposed to be happy he likes his dad and they have a Love thing going on blah blah blah – Nonsense. But this is not what I signed up for , everyone promised me he will be a mummy’s boy , and he would love me unconditionally they all LIED! I feel super betrayed right now, Timi has won this one , if Kunmi says Dada first , its over! I will shoot myself.

So I have gone on a Love Spree , I kiss him , I hug him , I do the Chicken dance , I make a fool of myself to make him happy and I pray next time when I leave the room he will cry super hard for me. Please include me in your prayer points , say YES to mummy, because mummy rules!


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