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Yes, I know its been ages I should be shot I completely agree with you. I have been making some changes to the website and that my friends is why I have been MIA, but I am back don’t fret Temi is here lol and to make up for my absence I am going to put up 3 posts yay us.

Today has been quite traumatic for me because Kunmi is ill! My baby boo has diarrhoea (insert hot tears here), I actually spent a couple of minutes this morning crying because if my baby is ill , I have obviously failed as a mother. Please bear in mind if you judge me God will judge you lol. Now being an FTM  I wasn’t going to take any chances I called my mum who is even more paranoid than I am and we decided we had to go the Clinic.

Fast forward to the clinic , and our lovely paediatrician (plenty, infact many sarcasm) comes through and she asks if I breast feed exclusively and I said NO because I don’t. Breastmilk to Kunmi is like Dessert he never gets full on it , plus he won’t take boob juice from a bottle so my amazing double breast pump is gathering dust till baby number 2 , if I decide my womb needs some use or my lack of contraception catches up with me.

Oh boy! this woman and her second judged my destiny , they went on to talk about how I even give Kunmi the expensive formula , did it stop there oh no  she went on to mention the baby oil on Kunmi’s hair was too much , I wanted to tell her , her lips were the size of my face but you don’t see me complaining about it.



She then asked when he started raising his head I said very early by 4 weeks he could hold his head she called me a liar and she said that it was impossible, at this point it was only thought that there is no AC in Kirikiri prison that stopped me from strangling her.


After she called me a Liar and a disgrace to humanity , she gave me a prescription for ORS solution and sent me packing , I was in shock by how judgmental and unapologetically rude she was.

I really would like to know if this behaviour is normal , do people freak out when you tell them your not breastfeeding exclusively? What has your experience been in Clinics? Please comment and let me know.

PS: The picture is Kunmi holding his head up at 4 weeks

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5 Comments on Paging Dr.Rude

  1. Karen
    May 20, 2013 at 1:31 pm (8 years ago)

    Na wa for that doctor oh, are u supposed to give him the cheap formula? Although its advisable to breastfeed exclusively till the baby is at least 6 months, a lot of mothers don’t do that these days, especially in certain situations. God knows that if i have triplets or even twins, they better enjoy their formula oh….who has the energy to breastfeed so many kids at once? lol

  2. admin
    May 20, 2013 at 8:50 pm (8 years ago)

    lol if u can breastfeed triplets you are a superhero lol thanks for defending me gurl

  3. Third time mom
    June 13, 2013 at 6:04 pm (8 years ago)

    Hi Temi,
    Had my 3rd baby 3 mths ago n it feels like my 1st, my 2nd is 5yrs old! With my first 2, my mum was always with me until about 6-8 mths so I never really knew what taking care of a new born was like cos this time around, my dad is ill n mum could only come almost 2wks after birth and had to leave after 10days!
    Having moved to Lagos when I was about 7wks pregnant, it wasn’t fun and a whole lot happened but will leave all the gist till another day!
    Hospitals in Lagos was really a financial shock as we have to pay out of our pockets no HMO or NHIS!
    The first paediatrician always had this stern looking face and each time I asked him questions of how, when or when he always had this unfriendly look that makes me wonder.
    Last week we had to rush my baby 2 to hospital @about 1am saw the general doctor whom I was secretly wishing was d paediatrician cos he was a lot more easier to interact with.
    I decided to take him back to the hospital 2 days later so I could see d consultant paediatrician and hear from him too that there wasn’t anything sinister going on with my baby.
    I went to see him with some medications I had gotten from the pharmacy so he can be aware of what I was already giving him. After going through them, he asked me where I had gotten them from, I told him and he kept mute. I asked him if the medications were ok or if there’s a need for a review, addition or subtraction. He said he could add anything I should finish up d dose (same thing the general dr had told me). I proceeded to ask him if the dose of a particular medication (vitamin c drops) was ok and enough for my baby and his next answer and reaction got me really upset!
    He asked me if I was expecting him to give me an “advice” on a medication I did not get from them ie d hospital!
    I’ve never really liked this particular dr as he always had this stern face and passes off as an unapproachable person, but his answer shocked. This is my 3rd child with my older kids being 7 and 5 so I’ve been around hospitals especially with my 2nd child and as a mother u actually get tired always running to d hospital when there are certain first aid I can as well give.
    I mean for heaven’s sake u ought to be my baby’s dr and I even paid a hefty sum for consultation as per V/I concerned(sad face) n he had to tell me that?

    The truth is that some drs are very judgmental and unfriendly with “I am high up there” kind of attitude which gets to me cos as I always maintained, if I am wrong or doing something wrong, correct meand explain to me how and why ur reasons!

    When went for my son’s 6wks check, a female general dr also had to grill me on why I wasn’t exclusively breast feeding my son! She even attributed it to me wanting to start making “guy and shakara”!
    Other people eg mothers n even some fathers would always pass that judgement on u when they are not even aware of the reasons u may have for not doing that.
    With my daughters, they were very big eaters even though they looked small, and I could remember my
    first daughter would start screaming after breast feeding until formula was given to her, my mum used 2 say she was supposed to be a boy cos ate like one. My 2nd daughter also did same n my son is following suit. I would always say that my breast milk is snack for them.

    Now that’s my case but I also know a lot of mothers who exclusively breastfeed and it goes very well with them but hey, all our cases must not n cannot be the same, that said, breast milk is always a better option if it goes well for mother and baby.

    It’s nice to know that someone out there goes through same stuffs I go through! Hurray! I am NORMAL after all……..


    • admin
      June 13, 2013 at 6:11 pm (8 years ago)

      Lol! I feeeeeeeeeeeel you Ebi especially on the boob juice matter , breast milk to Kunmi is dessert maybe my next baby will not be so hungry lol! Thanks for the comment

  4. Third time mom
    June 13, 2013 at 6:05 pm (8 years ago)

    Sorry for the lengthy comment, needed to vent! Lol…


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