So I hear that some parents are boycotting #Nickfest because Davido and some
Artistes are performing. Now as a parent I understand the need to protect your
Children. But at the same time I don’t see why you should let the kids miss out on seeing their nick characters because of this.These are the same parents that would book these artistes for their chidren’s birthday parties.

I think the artistes In question are also aware of the fact they are performing for children and I expect they will make their performances child friendly. #Nickfest is more than those 5 mins performances anyway. I mean the kids get to see live show, like the real Dora and the real paw patrol not the pirated starving ones we have at birthday parties.

I just think we need to chill, if you don’t want your kids to see the performance take them home before then but don’t let them miss out on the whole show. As for me and the boys, we will be at #Nickfest on both days! 18th and 19th and if you want to come with me I’m giving free tickets tomorrow on my radio show on 96.9 CoolFM and on my Instagram – @TaymiB

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