You meet her for the first time and you are completely in love and you are so happy because you will be one of the few women who get along with their MIL’s then in comes baby and she is just different and you can’t believe it . Well quite a few mamas simply do not see eye to eye with their mother in law. To that I would say don’t worry it happens to the best of us and I feel your pain deep in my bosom.

Parenting is hard work especially for a new mum and you really don’t need someone telling you are doing it wrong all the time its the absolutely worst thing to happen to any mum. I will share my own war tales.

So there was a time my MIL said to me in the most serious tone I hope you are not giving this baby chocolate , Kunmi was 2 months at the time and I was dumbfounded. In my mind I thought that SHE thought I was an absolutely daft person to think of giving a 2 month old child chocolate, I cried my big behind off because it was to me the low key worst thing I have ever heard in my mind.

Ooh and That’s not all. Every time I would go to her house she would moan about the outfit he has on and talk about how a baby should not be wearing jeans and I would get so upset and I can never forget  the time she scrubbed Kunmi’s sins away. It was so hard to watch. I had never seen him cry so hard and when she was done he was bleeding from him neck, I was so upset and I got even more upset later because I had to act like it didn’t bother me at all and I was thinking this cannot be life.

So I have been there, I have collected the badge to that club and I have graduated on top and I can say that I have sort of mastered how to deal with MIL’s and Parenting. Here is how I survived

.1.  Don’t take everything she says seriously: She has probably called you all the names available in the dictionary and you are so sure you will be getting   a mug with worst mum on it for mother’s day, but she probably doesn’t mean half of the things she is saying.

.2. Hubby to the rescue: She is his mum so she is probably going to listen to him over you so make sure you and hubby are on the same page when is come to parenting. If you don’t want your baby downing “agbo” he better say something on your behalf.

.3. Ask her opinion: Even if you are not going to take her advice ask her what she thinks you should do in some scenarios , it will make her feel special. It works all the time.

And that is it! All in all just take it easy , laugh some of it off and you will be fine , it never lasts forever.

Have I left anything out? Let me know how you handle your own Monster in law situation.

If you would like to chat , I am just an email away Temilola@ftmbaby.com

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