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I got an email a while ago from someone asking me to write about the financial implications of having a baby. I thought it was a great topic to write on but I kinda needed more time to be a parent before I could write about it and right now I think I am fully inspired to do just that. I always say having a child is a blessing, I mean hundreds, in fact millions of women are out there praying for a child at this exact moment. So the fact that I have one is something to thank God for constantly.

But I cannot lie, I sometimes think of how rich I would be if I didn’t have a child and before you judge me I know this is sad but it pops in once or twice and I am sure every parent has thought about this at some point, if you tell the truth.

Now to the main main. Having a child can be cheap and expensive all at the same time it all depends on the choices you make as a parent. You are probably wondering what choices?  Well choice like where you have your baby, what formula you give that baby if any. what brand of diapers. what school will they go blah blah all these choices affect how many zeros will be on that cheque.

If you don’t eat more than you can chew as they say , you should be fine. It can be exciting when it is your first, and you want to buy everything in this world but just calm down and be objective about things, you don’t need that diaper genie , that you think you need and your baby doesn’t need a ton of clothes at this stage because they become so big , so fast. So save that dosh, because you will need that money sooner than you think, for other crazy things like school fees which I will write about later.

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  1. Naijawife
    May 15, 2014 at 12:25 am (7 years ago)

    Staying tuned!


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