The first few days after you have had your baby are pretty magical and tough at the same time especially when you are a first time Mom, but I am here to help you with a list of things that will make your life much easier so you don’t start to write if I had known essays later. So here it goes

.1. Breast pads – I had Kunmi in the US and my mum was coming from Nigeria to be with me during the birth and she said she was going to make a stop in London for 2 days just so she could go and get me some special things and I thought she was being a drama queen but she wasn’t, she was being wise somebody say mama knows best.

breast pads

My boobs would cry every time like it just watched the Titanic, so naturally the breast pads were my best friends at that point. They stick to your bra so they are not noticable at all.

.2. Nipple cream : When people will talk about breastfeeding , I honestly did not think it was a big deal at all and I sure as hell did not think it will be painful. However mummies the first time Kunmi latched on it was so painful, he sucked so hard and I was wondering if he had practice with an invisible boob in the womb because he knew his stuff men. Every time he would latch on from then on it was a non stop train and he didn’t get off till he falls asleep it was something else. So my nipples will ache and crack but thank God for Nipple cream it works wonders

nipple cream

.3. Maternity sanitary pads – It is so funny how you leak from nearly everywhere after you’ve had your baby, you need a good thick pad to absorb the fluids , you should only bleed for a couple of days so don’t be too worried about it.


Good underwear : I would suggest granny panties even great granny panties and if your hospital has make sure you ask for a lot so you are fully stocked.

Food – This may sound funny but you need food and if you don’t have any help with you , you might want to cook some meals before the baby comes so you can just microwave your meals and swallow if you are lucky and your baby sleeps for long periods you may have the privileged of chewing lol. Why? well its because babies need a lot of love and you will not have time to do any cooking in between feeding, nappy changes and crying spells when he/she is wondering what the hell they are doing outside the womb.

So that’s it really , I hope I have covered everything. If you have any tips leave your comments below and for questions email me

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  1. Kola
    September 6, 2015 at 8:14 pm (5 years ago)

    I just have to let you know that i LOVE your blog. This is the very first Nigerian parenting blog that i have ever come across and i love how personal, and straight to the point all of your posts are. It’s almost as if i can hear you talking directly to me. kudos! and all the very best with baby #2. You’ve got this xo


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