Happy Children’s day to all the babies out there! We love you! I am so happy its Children’s day not only because I get to celebrate my beautiful baby but it also happens to mark the day I officially started FTMbaby and today we are one! I can say (HI NEVER EVER HEXPEDEDIT)

I would like to say a big big big oroboisious thank you to everyone that reads this blog and to everyone who keeps coming back , to those who send me encouraging emails and to those who drop comments. Your support means a lot to me, you guys are awesome!!! I have put up our special FTMbaby poster above and you can download it as a screensaver by just saving the picture ,  I hope you guys love it as much as I do.

Now to the main main.  You see when I was little, Children’s day meant nothing to me, it was just a day that you didn’t go to school. I didn’t get ice cream or hugs or even a smile, I got nada. So I am struggling with what to do for Kums, or what not to do. Maybe I am just supposed to hug him and not shout at him for the day or let him swim in the toilet free of charge, which he does now and I don’t even see how that is a cool thing. Kids and their weirdness.  I also thought of taking him somewhere special during the weekend although the economy is quite deliciously low in my account right now. Is children’s day something you celebrate? Let me know what you and your kids get up to, don’t forget to send pictures Temilola@ftmbaby,com

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