Through out my life I have had a hate relationship with medicine, no love just pure hate. I remember when I was younger my mum used to forced medicine down my throat, she will crush the tablets and force feed me and I would throw up so badly. These incidents severely traumatised me and because of this till this very day I have a panic attack anytime there are pills I have to take.

At a point I actually didn’t even believe that these pills worked not until I had a baby. I remember several hours after I had Kunmi the nurse came in to see me and she brought me pain killers and I was like nahhh thanks girl and she looked at me like she was genuinely worried about my sanity.

She kept on asking me why I didn’t want them and I was like I don’t take medicine. She finally gave up and left me alone and then something magical happened. My enemies in Ikorodu started working over time and all the after birth pain hit me like a trailer, like 100 Yoruba moms slapping me at the same time. So I swallowed my pride and called the nurse to please bring back my medicine. Obviously the drama started and I couldn’t swallow the pills, she had to look for a pill cutter to cut it into tiny pieces before I could take them. The whole thing was dramatic. But it worked! I was like ehen so this thing works AMERICAN WONDER!

Fast forward to present day with my two boys, illness will come and go its just a part of growing up and I am very conscious of trying not to make them go through all the madness I went through so I had to device creative ways to improve their relationship with medicine. I sing songs, tell stories, fake try it myself, beg, and the special trick is that I give them a spoon of stew before and after the medicine and its stays in.

Do you have special tricks for giving your kids medication, let me know in the comment section and if you would like to talk about anything feel free to email me



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