The wonderful thing about being pregnant in 2015 is that thanks to technology you can find out the sex of your baby before the baby is even born. Now some people like to say oh I am team green, I want it to be a surprise and that is great but it doesn’t work for me. You see I am a planner I like to know what I am dealing with so I can prepare accordingly buy the right baffs so my baby can be on point lol.

As I already have a boy its pretty obvious that I will want to have a girl next and I had been planning to make sure that happens without fail, I had researched all the things you had to eat , the styles you needed to do to make sure that I will be buying baby gucci dresses but my lack of contraception made it so that my pregnancy came as a surprise so I couldn’t have done all my tricks to have a girl.

So my Plan B was to stare at all the female babies in church to make sure that I would have a girl for sure, I swear I don’t know how my brain thought that will work but it couldn’t hurt. Fast forward to my birthday April 9th , I went in for an ultrasound with Timi (the husband) and the Lady Dr told me you are having a girl! I screamed the poor babe was scared and I was happy. I vomited with joy that day I didn’t mind the symptoms and the drama that came with being pregnant. Of course I told my sisters that I had triumphed and that staring at babies had actually worked and they started buying little cute designer dresses.

IMG_0611                                                                           My birthday pishure, so happy, so cute.



Baby girl shoes from My sister (Toro)

You couldn’t tell me nothing, I wasn’t depressed about being pregnant anymore because I was having a girl and this was my last child and I would have two kids and I could then focus on being a hot mum and wear short skirt and drive a red jeep. Luckily for me or otherwise you have to have more than one ultrasound during pregnancy so I went in to see the same Dr and she is looking at the screen and she says errrmmmm I think your girl has a penis and I am thinking as in hermaphrodite or ????? and she’s like no he’s a boy and I’m like what the helllllllllllllllll. How does a girl become a boy? I was so sad , I cried and everything, you can judge me but what would you have done I had designer baffs and the perfect name and I had told all my family.

Timi (the husband) didn’t care he just felt sorry for me, I just kept telling myself its not in my portion or is it in my destiny to have a girl because people this is my last child, I can do this pregnancy for 9 months again not with the crazy weird things that have happened to me which I will let you know in the next post. Well as time went on I got used to the idea of having a boy at least I don’t have to worry about anybody getting pregnant at 16 or thinking up scary stories to keep her away from boys.

Have any of you gone through something like this? let me know in the comments and if you want to talk about anything email me

2 Comments on Gender disappointment

  1. Habeebat
    September 20, 2015 at 5:40 pm (5 years ago)

    Awwwn. Its all good. I think I’ll prefer to be surprised when the time comes. How’s the baby doing?

  2. Marietta B.
    June 12, 2016 at 1:18 am (5 years ago)

    Eyah! I think I know what you’re going through.
    I’ve just had my first born, it’s a boy and he’s 7 weeks I love him die, but, ive already started intensifying prayers for the next one to be a girl!! Lol!! Call me crazy but when im ready for the next pregnancy I better have a girl… so ill just keep praying and leave the rest to God.


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