Remember when you were much younger and turn up was your middle name!  Those were the days right! Well now you are probably older and turning up isn’t something you can do all the time like you used to. Mostly because you have to be responsible and according to my mother being a mum means you have to put an end to that nonsense.

Although that might not be the case all the time, some times you have to respect yourself and stay with ya pikin. It is times like this that has made me embrace other ways of turning up or turning all the way down.

One of my alternative turn ups was to eat, when I say eat I don’t mean the sensible things like salads, nahhh when I am not a goat. I’m talking ice cream, pizza, candy the original American film  turn up food, all this while watching Bridget Jones because no matter what I am going through my life is not as sad as hers.


But because there are babes trying to steal my husband ( I honestly don’t know what for, maybe to be making pounded yam every night) I had to respect myself and stop that nonsense.

So after god knows how many hours of being superwoman, I turn up by getting a good book and a glass of wine and overall, I have a hell of a time and come out feeling a bit more knowledgeable about life and things.bitmoji1601641270Here are a list of the books I recommend

.1. The Nights of the Creaking Bed: A collection of short stories with an underlying theme of Sex but its totally not what you think. A fantastic read, It will make you cry sometimes.

.2. Bury me come Sunday afternoon: Another collection of short stories, very lovely read

.3. Is everyone hanging out without me (and other concerns): I love Mindy Kaling, she is basically an Indian me. This book is funny and you must read it!10335308


That is my list for November! You can find these books in books stores around Lagos/Nigeria. Well at least the first two. What alternative ways of turning up have you found since becoming a mummy. Let me know in the comment box below.

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  1. kyla
    November 1, 2016 at 10:02 am (4 years ago)

    lmaaaaooooooooo why so funny! I absolutely love your writing


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