I went away for a little bit to an interesting place in Africa called Kenya!!! and it was a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of Lagos but I have to say i am glad to be back.

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Before I had Kunmi , I used to read a lot , I lived for my books and I think my books loved me too. In comes baby and I haven’t  been able to read a book to the end. I actually had not realised how bad this was until I was asked to review a book on the blog and I have to tell you the author is a superstar for being so patient with me because I have been slacking thank God for Kenya.
The book is called Dear Junia and it was written by Tomi Makanjuola. It is a story about a young girl who dreams about her future daughter and decides to write letters to her , teaching her about herself and also sharing life lessons. In turn the letters gives her courage to try new things and improve herself.
I love this book because as a mum,  I can completely relate. Having a child makes you change and most times for the better , I guess there is something about being responsible for another human being that makes you want to be a class captain. I think I might also write letters to Kunmi for the future (we should all give it a go)
You can purchase this book on Amazon on kindle and paperback
For kindle –


For paperback 

Now because my birthday is Tomorrow, Yes Happy Birthday to me. I am giving out two copies of Dear Junia. To win just enter the give away below and comment on how being a parent has changed you

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