Some few months back Kunmi was dealing with some serious constipation and I felt soo sorry for him , we had recently changed his milk to something else and I suspect that was the cause of the problem, we have since changed his milk back to the good milk.

It was scary watching Kunmi strain so hard to poo , it reminded me of the first time I pooed after having Kunmi (You can read all about it in my birth story), it was Tragic.

So I am going to let you mooma’s know how to deal with constipation.

Things you might need

Water, Fruits, Cotton Bud, Petroleum Jelly and Cod Liver Oil 

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The Main Main

Breast feeding is always the best option when it comes to feeding a baby, now I do understand sometimes it might not be possible for a mother to breast feed so you have to give your baby formula and that always comes with some possible scenarios one of which is constipation.

I dealt with Kunmi’s constipation by giving him water and home made juices , I cut up some oranges and pineapples and made a juice from it and mixed it with some warm water and he actually liked it. You can only give this to babies that are over 6 months. The juice really helped him and it was a great way for me to sneak the cod liver oil in otherwise he probably will never take it.

Cod liver is great for stimulating the bowls but make sure you check with your baby’s Dr before you give your baby cod liver oil or any kind of medicine.  The cotton bud and jelly is to help baby with the doo doo. You put the cotton bud in the jelly and raise both the baby’s legs into his chest and then insert the cotton bud into his bum and bring it out, this will help the doo doo out. Now by raising baby’s legs to his chest alone helps the doo doo out as well, its great because you are doing some of the work for them so they they don’t strain too hard because it can be really painful I am sure some of us know how bad it can be. Nothing beats some nice kind words from mummy trust me it makes a difference.

Constipation sucks for both baby and mummy but if you handle it well it will pass quickly , do you have other ways you deal with constipation? Please let me know.

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