Just when I was about to add “Buy Watch” to my to do list, I got an email from Daniel Wellington asking me to do a review on their watch. To be honest I am not really a watch person at all, I find that I always have to remember to wear one every morning and it just an extra chore I didn’t want to have to deal with ( I can be lazy like that)

But when I became a mum, time management became essential to me, so now I find that I am always checking the time, when I wake up , when I have to decide the right time to wake the kids up to shower and eat and take them off to school. I always have to be on point if I slip up my whole day is in the bin and I don’t want that. I would usually check my phone for the time but with all the mugging going round these days I don’t want to be seen with my phone in my car, intact I try to put my bag in my boot. So having a watch has become a necessity for me.

Now because I generally am fussed I wanted a simple, modern and classic looking watch and the guys at Daniel Wellington know how to do classy and simple , they have several designs to choose from and if you like something a little bolder they also have more funky designs on their website.

I picked the Classic St Mawes 36MM in Rose Gold and I absolutely love it!  It is exactly what I wanted and it goes easily with everything I wear, I recently travelled to London and I saw the watch when I popped into Selfridges, the sales lady was pretty impressed by me lol I felt like a bade babe.

The watches retail at $179-$199 however today you are in luck, you guys get a discount by using the code “babydw” when you order your watch on their website http://www.danielwellington.com. You can also follow them on Instagram @danielwellingtonwatches to get the latest news on their watches. Check my instagram page @taymib to see how my watch goes with my baffs lol

If you have any questions email me temilola@ftmbaby.com

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