Hello Mummies,

I have recently been selected to be a brand influencer for PEAK 456 and I will writing a bunch of interesting articles for you to learn about how to help your child to #Growupsmart and #Feedtheircuriosity.


Kunmi and I are always looking for interesting things to do together and being that he is almost 4 he is at the “why” stage of his development where he wants to know why everything is the way they are and how you make things. He is really passionate about cooking and although that scares his dad, 9I don’t know why its not like Gordon Ramsay is poor), I am encouraging him to learn how to cook. So I will be putting up quite a few D.I.W.M recipes.

We got round to making a few “Ice Lollies”  and they are very easy to make especially with the kids. To see the full recipe head on over to >>>>>>  http://growupsmart.com.ng/do-it-with-mummy-d-i-w-m-ice-lollies/


Make sure you tell a friend, and let me know if this recipe works for you!!!

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