Who remembers when tomatoes were as expensive as foreign currency? That was a very difficult for some of us and because things got so insanely expensive, I started to look for ways to make things cheaper for me. Coincidentally my son had been ranting and raving about flowers and I had been considering getting some indoor plants for him in his room to satisfy his curiosity. So I decided on planting some vegetables at the back of our house with the kid.

It was such a great bonding experience. It helps children learn how to Nurture and it also teaches them how much work it takes to make sure they get their food, so they appreciate how precious food is and learn not to waste the food they get.

It is really not as hard as you will think and its not that complex. It just takes patience and with your curious little one always reminding you to weed and water, you will probably turn out to be the perfect gardner.


Our Ripe Tomato

You can find out how got on with our planting by following the link >>>

Will you try out gardening with you little one? Let me know by commenting below. If you want to talk to me about anything you can email me

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