Cultivating Good habits in ourkids-2


If we are completely honest with ourselves we are not the best human beings, talk more of being the best mothers but we can help our children try to be better than us especially in a world where all the wrong things seem to look cool.

We need to teach our children that its ok not to follow the crowd and its ok to have a different opinion on things. We need to teach them to be kind, to be selfless and to always help those around them in need of assistance. If you believe in God you need to teach them to pray, to be respectful of everyone those older, those younger and even their mates.

We need to teach them to be clean , always brush your teeth and have a bath, wash your clothes and clean your room. We need to tell them they can’t have everything they want. We need to teach the the value of money , and tell them the reward of handwork. We need to teach them to be honest in their ways and let them know its alright to make mistakes as long as they learn from them and pick themselves up.

The list is long and its not the easiest thing to do, sometimes you are going to have to be tough, or even hurt them to teach them a lesson but its important that we try and cultivate good habits and morals in our children so they become better human beings, so they can be better people , better leaders, better teachers , better doctors, better policeman and soldiers so we can have a better world and its all up to us mummies. You hold the future of the world in your hands, you rock them to sleep, wipe their tears when they cry please make the world better by raising better children.

Which habits have you started instilling in your babies? Tell us your method in the comments section, lets all help one another. If you need to talk about anything you can email me

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