The Internet situatuion has been super annoying of late , so bad that I have considered breaking my laptop more than once then I remembered its not my laptops fault , so I thought if I wake up when most people are not on facebook toasting babes it might be better. So its 3:44am and I am here writing about Chicken, is that not poetic.

We all know I am trying to lose my pregnancy weight so I can be a video girl, it has been so weird that I am convinced there are people in my village in Ikorodu sending things to me to block my dream. Why did I say this? the week I started my video girl diet , they started construction in front of my Gym which makes it impossible to get in, you can now see , but don’t cry for me Nigeria, I have been sending the fat back to sender.

I have not given up! I am in my Obama state of mind (Yes I can) I am still eating clean , most times at least.  So I thought to put up one of my healthy recipes. I love wraps because they are easy to make and they are super delicious. Here is how I made mine

What you need

Shredded Chicken




Chicken seasoning

Fresh Basil

Olive Oil

Tortilla Wrap / Lebanese flat bread




Low fat Caesar dressing


The main main

Dice the onions and garlic and cut the lemon into wedges , rinse your chicken , put a pan on the cooker and add two tablespoons of olive oil, wait till its hot and add chicken, onion and garlic , cook a little then add lemon juice from the lemon wedges , seasoning and salt. Cook till its golden brown.

Put the Tortilla on a plate add Lettuce , and caesar dressing. Spoon the chicken on the tortilla and grate the parmasen on the chicken , wrap it up and its ready to be destroyed.

2013-06-211If you do try any of my recipes , let me know how it turned out , Happy Cooking!!!


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