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Welcome to the new blog! I had to get a new design/blog because the old one was giving me so much trouble and blogging just became so stressful for me, so I was overjoyed to find that this new site is stress free. I hope it stays that way. So grab a glass of anything and toast to new and better beginnings, Cheers!!!!

2016, has been a very interesting year and by interesting I don’t necessarily mean the good kind of interesting. Everything has turned upside down especially if you are a woman or human living  in Nigeria. The price of the dollar is sky high staring at heaven and it seems to have affected everything under the Nigerian sun, even groundnut. I tried to by a bottle the other day and the lady told me its was N600 and said something about the dollar. It took almost all the angels in Lagos to stop me from hitting her with my car. I mean some things are truly affected by the price of the dollar but surely not groundnut for crying out loud. Anyway I have been coping , barely but coping and I though why not share my life hacks with my fellow mummy’s because we all need a hand. So here it goes

.1. Ditch the fancy brands: I have found with some things brands don’t matter. Sometimes the only thing that makes a difference is the price, so for the non life changing things you can go for less know brands which tend to be cheaper and have more quantity. I know they say its about quality not quantity but that doesn’t apply all the time. So I have changed my detergent, washing up liquid, bleach , toilet bowl cleaner, tissue, sardines and so many other things to something else and I haven’t lost sleep over my decisions.

.2. Not every Sunday Corned beef Sauce: Literally not every Sunday is enjoyment day , I have switched from Corned Beef to Geisha, not everyday Sausage , I have cut down on a lot of excesses mostly to save money and also I have realised maybe we don’t need to each cheese with every breakfast. I am not saying I don’t let loose and buy bacon sometimes but the key is to balance it out. Cut down and watch the savings pile up.

.3. Become the D.I.Y Queen: One thing you learn when you live abroad is independence, you need to do everything your damn self. When I moved to Naija all of that disappeared, I became so dependent on people doing things for me, I actually forgot that I could do things myself but trust the struggle this year brought out the D.I.Y Queen in me. So when it was time for me to fix up my home office. I went to Game, bought the Paint and painted it myself and it turned out awesome! I have also turned this talent to food production. I bought some soil and seeds from a roadside Gardner in Lekki Phase 1. I created a flower bed and I have successfully planted Ewedu, Okra and Ugwu in my backyard.  I will put up pictures and some of my D.I.Y projects on other post but Ladies this has resulted in MAJOR SAVINGS!!!!!!

.4. Buy made in Nigeria goods: Wherever you go always insist they show you the made in Nigeria version at least so you consider whether to buy it or not it is almost always cheaper especially Medicine.

Other tips

You can put buckets out especially in the rainy season , the water is good enough to bath, wash and even cook with. This will be great savings for people who buy water to do these things.

Instead of buying Cway water that is ridiculously priced , you can switch to other brands, I use a service that delivers to me every week and I pay monthly.

Buy Rechargeable fans, they are lifesavers and mine can charge phones as well can someone say amazing!!!!

That is all I can think of for now. How are you guys coping with the Challenges of 2016? Comment below and share your mummy life hacks. If you want to chat with me please feel free to email me Temilola@ftmbaby.com

3 Comments on A Mummy’s guide to surviving Naija in 2016

  1. deka
    May 27, 2016 at 11:13 am (5 years ago)


  2. Marietta B.
    June 12, 2016 at 1:22 am (5 years ago)

    2 snaps for the supermom!!
    yea abroad really brings out the independence in you, until you come home and then everyone starts calling you aunty aunty and running everywhere for you then you become lazy/dependant. I love D.I.Y and I think ill get back to doing that when I return home.

  3. Nelo
    June 24, 2016 at 8:04 pm (5 years ago)

    Nice tips. I just discovered your blog. I’ve also easily switched brands. An example is baby wipes, I was using Johnson or Huggies but with the price hike I switched to Dr. Brown’s which is awesome and cheaper by at least 150naira. But please don’t use rain water to cook o!

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