Praise the Lord! my sisters, at long last I am back. Its been tough this month but I overcame. It was Timi’s birthday on the 30th of June and we couldn’t get into my house on the day because they started some road construction without giving us notice and it was impossible to get in , so we had to camp out at my mum and celebrate there , Kunmi was going crazy when everyone was eating so we gave him a chicken bone and he lovvvvvvvvved it so much we had to wrestle it off him.

The boy also managed to grab his uncle’s cold (thanks uncle butter) so he’s ill , he has been coughing, crying and vomiting and this has been a test on my mummyship. I kept on trying to get Timi to suck the mucus out of Kunmi’ nose and he won’t. I guess we all know who loves him more now.

We took him to the Dr and she asked us to give him piriton for 3 days , which he absolutely hates so I have had to come up with a creative plan to trick him into taking it. After all of this wahala I can tell you I am and expert in handling baby cold and flu and you guys are lucky to have me for I will teach you my students lol.

I am utterly and completely fagged out and my Libido is still on strike by the way, thank you for asking. Before I hug my pillow and my duvet , I have to share my June Fav’s with you


Last month , Kunmi looooooooooooved up on winnie so hard , if winnie could talk he would complain of being constantly molested. The boy will bite , kick , throw and squeeze the poor toy, but it was super cute.

Kunmi’s hair is chopping up and he hates combing his hair. Its the only time he cries , so someone suggested an afro pick and its amazing , he loves his hair time now.

Apart from rice cereal , I introduced some apple sauce to baby’s diet and Kunmi loves it , it makes him feel like an adult and he has a smug look on his face every time he eats it , like mummy , I can eat too. I love it!

Munchkin is a brand I love the spoons and bowls are colourful and hold just the right amount of food , you should see how Kunmi acts once he sees them.

If you try out any of my fav’s let me know how it works out for you


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