Aha! Behold the gist continues , soooo they gave me the Epidural and it didn’t take , the bloody thing did not work, I could not even be mad because I didn’t have time for that by this time I knew I was fully dilated I felt the urge to push. When its time you will know trust me your body just starts doing the work for you. Knowing all this I didn’t want to tell the nurse because she will have to do another cervical check to make sure I was really ready to go so I stalled for a bit but men when I couldn’t hold it anymore I told her to please come and check , she checked and she said we are ready to go.

I was ready to push oh but this woman said I shouldn’t push , my mum was super mad she was shouting how can you say she should not push, she is bloody ready. The Nurse said we had to wait for the Dr and the Dr was not there. Let me tell you how I felt, you know when you want to poo and the poo is right there and you just push it out and you are done that is how It was. So I just started shouting I can’t hold it I AM PUSHING and I went arggghhhhh push! She rushed to me and said NOOOO, LOOK AT ME , LOOK AT ME , BREATHE BREATHE!  Lord knows, I wanted to slap her but I looked at her and I was breathing till the urge stopped, that is how we were doing it oh! my sisters till the Dr came.

In comes Dr.Eads and he’s cracking jokes. Hey, time to have a baby blah blah nonsense , I didn’t know when I screamed and said come over here I need to push. The guy rushes over and its go time, they said open your legs wide and hold them apart in my brain I was like aha these people are wicked can’t they do that for me – I said No hold them for me , I can’t hold them and push at the same time, they said but you have to, so I did it with the help of my mum and my aunt.

Pushing time , contraction hit and they said push , I would basically hold my breathe and push then they would count to 10 and I must not stop pushing before 10. After the count they would say Good Job , your baby is nearly here , hes right there and I will push again. They even asked if I wanted to see how well I was doing I said ermmm no thanks I don’t want to see a head coming out of my pee pee I would have fainted. It took me 5 pushes and my baby Kunmi was here, my mum cut his cord and they put a cap on his head and they gave him to me , it was beautiful.

When I held him he open his eyes , raised his head (no joke) looked at my mum and aunty, looked at me and went straight to sleep lol. I held him for about an hour skin to skin while I pushed my placenta and got stitched up by Dr Eads as I had a 2nd degree tear.

photo photo-4
photo-11 photo photo-3

All in all labour was 10 hours, the pain was really not that bad, I swear it wasn’t but maybe I have a high tolerance for pain but it really was not that bad. I wish I didn’t let them make me take the Epidural but I was too tired to argue, I am glad it didn’t work so I still had the Natural kinda drug free birth I wanted.

Recovery is also something I will talked about but at another time , if you want to share your birth story please email it to temilola@ftmbaby.com along with some pictures and I will post it up.


4 Comments on Mama Kunmi’s birth story part 2

  1. Demilade
    June 17, 2013 at 8:16 pm (6 years ago)

    Wow!!!…kudoos to you…thank God he took control that day,Really proud of you 😉

    • admin
      December 5, 2013 at 6:49 am (6 years ago)

      Yes I did! I will definitely check out your birth story

  2. naijawife
    March 19, 2014 at 4:43 pm (6 years ago)

    In a way I’m kinda glad you didn’t get the epidural either! Wanted to read about a drug free birth too (but maybe pitocin still counts)


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