Pampers, world’s leading diaper brand has just released a new TV ad, featuring the beautiful singer and mother of Jamil, Tiwa Savage. In the delightful TV Ad, Tiwa shares her experience of using the new and improved Nigeria Pampers Baby-Dry Diaper – its light weight, snug fitting and in-built lotion.

Speaking in the 45 seconds TV Ad, Tiwa Savage shares her experience of using Pampers on her son, Jamil, who is 15 months, with the audience. “Hi guys! Look how my baby, Jamil has grown. Time flies and I’m sure it is the same for all you moms out there. And as they grow there is a worry we all share; baby rash. Some use lotions or petroleum jelly, but I found what works for Jamil is Nigerian Pampers,” said popular musician and mother, Tiwa Savage in the newly released TV Ad.

In a recent survey, Pampers found that more than 63% of moms believe baby’s diaper can cause bum rash and 53% of them use skincare products like Jelly, lotion, dusting powder to protect their baby’s skin from rashes. The in-built lotion in the Nigerian new and improved Pampers diaper is built to take care of this parents’ insight and is a result of an extended research and development. Moms who have tested the new diaper have expressed their satisfaction, stating that it helps keep baby dry, and comfortable all night long.

While a wet diaper may increase chances of rash and also make it difficult for a baby to sleep and play, the new and improved Pampers Baby-Dry Diaper comes with an in-built lotion to help protect baby’s delicate skin and leave it dry. It also has stretchy sides that adapt to a baby’s shape and movements.

New Pampers Baby-Dry Diaper offers the following Features:

Pampers Baby-Dry Diaper come in sizes 2, 3, 4. It is available nationwide.

· Super Gel™: to lock away the wetness

· Baby Lotion: to help protect baby’s skin against rashes

· 4 Dryness Layers: to absorb wetness all night long

· Soft outer cover: for a gentle touch to baby’s skin

· Stretchy Sides: for a comfortable fit however baby moves

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